Friday, February 26, 2010

Even if you didn't bring home that gold... still made my snow day(s) a little more exciting, Apolo Anton Ohno.

If I was a celebrity, I could tweet that I had a big 7th grade-ish crush on Apolo Anton Ohno, and word would get-out and it would make, and then we'd completely end-up going on a date, which would result in a wedding and a posse of little speedskating writer children.

But since I'm just a nice, unknown playwright with a blog...that isn't going to happen.


(Are you looking for a new publicist by any chance? No?)

Congratulations on medal #8, Apolo Anton Ohno.

And you couldn't be any cuter if you were training seeing eye-dogs and helping old ladies skate while you were competing in those races.

Diana Rissetto

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