Sunday, January 17, 2010

I watched He's Just Not That Into You yesterday

When that book came-out, people came in full force to the bookstore for it...because when Oprah says, "Read this book..." everyone listens.

I yelled at the TV screen when Scarlett Johaansen yelled at the married guy she was seeing for cheating on her with his wife right in front of her.

"He is MARRIED. You KNOW he is MARRIED. So why on earth would you expect him to show YOU more respect than the woman he vowed to be with forever?" (I still always wonder why the blame seems to usually go to the "other woman" when the husband is the one who is breaking the promises...)

I enjoyed the movie, even though for the first half, I kept asking myself, "Is this movie supposed to be depressing? Because I'm getting pretty depressed...if a girl as adorable and sweet as Gigi is having problems, what hope do the rest of us have???"

The ending certainly redeemed it, and, of course, I found myself really connecting with that character.

Maybe I can't take hints, maybe I'm too optimistic...but I'd rather live my life with hope and COMPLETELY wearing my heart on my sleeve (I often feel like it is not only on my sleeve, but in bright neon colors) than being cynical.

Diana Rissetto

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