Monday, January 4, 2010

I have The Bachelor on for background noise right now...

The guy is very cute! He has fantastic teeth. That's all I'll say about him.

However, I think the bachelor isn't the fun part of that show...I will tune in to make fun of the "contestants."

The girls on this show make me ashamed of my entire gender.

There is also another show on VH1...Tough Love...which features a 24-year-old girl who calls herself a failure because she is not married yet. While I don't exactly consider myself a feminist, perhaps I really am one at heart, because I think girls and attitudes like that are just pathetic.

Aren't we supposed to be modern women? Isn't it 2010?

Don't get me wrong...I am a HOPELESS romantic. I am old-fashioned, I swoon over hilariously sentimental movies on TCM, I listen to sappy songs, and I definitely do hope to get married some day...but I won't make it my chief goal in life.

I have gone to, roughly, 650 weddings over the past few years, mainly because I have about 650 older cousins and they all got married. On Sunday, I went to a wedding of a friend. It was lovely. (If not a little awkward, since I was the only Christian at this Jewish Orthodox wedding. I kissed the groom hello when I saw him. Apparently, I think I broke a big rule or something.) It's a little stranger when you go to a friend's wedding and see somebody your own age, a peer, "up there". All of a sudden, everybody has gone from not being married to being engaged or married. Most of my high school friends now have new names on Facebook.

I know a lot of girls get wistful at weddings, but I really don't see the point.

I think it's a lot easier to just be HAPPY for the person getting married than to ever be jealous or upset or resentful.

A few years ago, somebody said to me, very well-meaning, "You are so cute and pretty and funny and smart...HOW ARE YOU NOT MARRIED?"

She meant it as a compliment...but I think it's funny thing to say to only cute, pretty, funny, smart people get married? We see total trainwrecks of women with husbands on the Maury Povich show all the time. It was actually just a little I CAN'T be a cute, pretty, funny, smart woman WITHOUT being married? I can't be complete on my own?

I used to have visions of myself at my sister's wedding and guests saying to me, "So, you're not married...but CONGRATULATIONS ON THE PULITZER!" I felt I had to prove myself because people look down on you if you're not can't possibly be as happy/successful/fulfilled as somebody who IS married.

I'll never forget a relative telling my mother, "One down, one to go!" when my sister got if I was a huge burden on my family and society as a whole because I'm not married...only married people count! The one great thing ANYBODY can achieve is getting married!

Clearly something is wrong with you if you're not married! Clearly you're not as good as somebody with a ring on their left ring finger!

I didn't win a Pulitzer by the time my sister got married...and that's okay. I'm okay...and I have decided to stop feeling badly about myself and to just start feeling sorry for those girls crying on TV that they haven't registered for China by their 24th birthdays.

Diana Rissetto

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