Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another holiday season has come and gone...

...and I always suffer serious withdrawal once it is over.

It has also been yet another holiday season which the world has been without a holiday album from Peter Cincotti.

When I randomly ran into Peter at a Gavin Creel concert over a year ago, the first thing I said to him (after, "I am a huge huge huge fan!") was, "I REALLY WISH YOU HAD A HOLIDAY ALBUM!" (It probably would have been a little strange had that been the VERY first thing I said to him.)

He laughed and said, "Nobody's holiday album could compete with Ella' know, Ella Fitzgerald's." I told him how I really hated that I can't listen to him for more than a month every year, since I have a very strict "nothing but holiday music in between Thanksgiving and New Year's" rule. Sure, he DID record a nice little song called "My Favorite Time of Year" and he DOES mention Christmas songs in "Cinderella Beautiful", but it's not the same thing.

He also kept hitting me in the arm and laughing, in this, "Okay, random curly-haired girl, who on earth are you and why are you begging me to record a holiday album?" way.

(You know the way.)

The fact that this beautiful, warm, old-fashioned, cozy, romantic voice has not yet recorded "The Christmas Song", "Silver Bells", and "O Holy Night" is just really really really criminal.

(Then again, we live in a world where Jessica Simpson recorded a Christmas album years before Josh Groban did...and THAT, I will never understand...sorry, Jess.)

Peter, please take a lesson from your mentor, Harry Connick, Jr...who has released THREE holidays albums and has jokingly stated in interviews that he enjoys profiting from the holidays.

You have ten months.


Diana Rissetto


Anonymous said...

Aww Diana, how I love your posts :D You are so right about Peter's Christmas album, I am sure he will do that at some point, well, at least I really hope so! :) In 2008 we at least heard him sing 'Please Come Home For Christmas' but I wish he sang more...

Zosia :))

Anonymous said...

Diana dear, I totally agree with your words :)

( ( hugs ) )