Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I found this 5-year-old email the other day

And I'm starting to wonder if that guy was my soulmate and I let him slip right by...

I also had an experience yesterday that made me think of the BEST idea for
the beginning of a Family Channel Holiday film EVER!

So, I'm gift-wrapping at the store yesterday...it's a free service and we
accept donations for charity! The store was crazy, the line was crazy, and I
was going crazy. Most people were being very kind and patient, since I'm the
one doing THEM the favor. I've always been a spaz with giftwrapping (and
most other things in life).

This lady brings in some piece of exercise equipment to wrap...not a nice
basic shape like a book! I was doing my best, when all of a sudden, she
snatches it and goes, "I have paper AT HOME. I'll wrap it THERE." She walks
away in a huff.

I was bewildered at what just happened and just kinda watched her walk away.

There was a young cute guy on line who witnessed it and goes to me, "Do you
want me to run after her and yell at her? GEEZE, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO

Every person who got on line, the guy would say to them, "SOMEONE WAS JUST
RUDE TO THIS GIRL!!!!!!" And after every gift I'd wrap, he'd go, "THAT IS

Anyway, I was laughing...IT WAS JUST SO CUTE...and he hung around for a
while, but things were really busy, so he gave me his phone number on a
scrap of wrapping paper...

Not that I'm planning on using the number, but tell me that wouldn't make a
FABULOUS beginning to a Family Channel Holiday film.

Of course, in this movie, the scrap of wrapping paper with the phone number
would get lost and our heroine would not find it until New Year's Eve or