Friday, December 11, 2009

I developed something in common with Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Love Hewitt the other day

Never thought I would say those words.

(Maybe that's not true. Like myself, Kim Kardashian lost her father at a young age to cancer, and Jennifer Love Hewitt DID play Audrey Hepburn once...)

On Monday, somebody made a "fat joke" at my expense.

How did I react?

I burst into tears and was in a horrible mood for the rest of the day.

And told myself that I COULDN'T POSSIBLY BE FAT...all my clothes were 2's and 4' can a size 2-4 girl be fat?

Just like Kim and Love did.

When Kim and Love spoke-out about their weight issues (or, lack of weight issues, as they claimed), I rolled my eyes.

When unflattering photos of Love were published with nasty commentary, she issued the following statement:

This is the last time I will address this subject.

I've sat by in silence for a long time now about the way women's bodies are constantly scrutinized. To set the record straight, I'm not upset for me, but for all of the girls out there that are struggling with their body image.

A size 2 is not fat! Nor will it ever be. And being a size 0 doesn't make you beautiful.

What I should be doing is celebrating some of the best days of my life and my engagement to the man of my dreams, instead of having to deal with photographers taking invasive pictures from bad angles. I know what I look like, and so do my friends and family. And like all women out there should, I love my body.

To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini -- put it on and stay strong.



A few months later, she was on the cover of magazines because she had lost eighteen pounds. I rolled my eyes even more. So...a size 2 isn't fat...but just fat enough to need to lose eighteen pounds? What kind of a message is that sending to all those young girls who struggle with their body image, Ms. Hewitt?

Kim Kardashian decided to publish YouTube videoes of herself trying on size 2 jeans to prove to the world that she does, indeed, wear a size 2. Most importantly, she kept repeating that she LOVES her body just the way it is...and she's a size 2! A size 2! She swears, she's a size 2!

I continued to roll my eyes.

However, looking back at my reaction on Monday, I understand where these girls are coming from and how humiliating and hurtful it must be to have your every pound judged by the papparazzi.

I also think they're both lying about how much they love their bodies...if they loved their bodies and were as secure as they claimed, they wouldn't feel the need to issue statements and youtube videoes declaring that love. These girls are every bit as insecure as many of us are...and I think Jennifer Love Hewitt would probably do all those young girls that she claims to be so concerned with a lot more good if she came clean about her own insecurities, instead of triumphantly announcing her 18-lb weight loss (from her already size 2 figure.)

That weight joke on Monday hurt my feelings. It brought-out a lot of issues I have been battling for the past twenty years or so.

What these famous girls don't get is that NOBODY deserves to be the target of such doesn't matter if she's a size 2 or 12 or 22.

Once people realize that, we might be onto something.

Diana Rissetto