Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I am concerned that Chris O'Donnell has made a deal with the devil

He hasn't aged a day in fifteen years.

Chris O'Donnell on Sunday night:

Chris O'Donnell in 1994:

I first took notice of this guy when I was in the fifth grade and my family rented the movie School Times. Most girls were going gaga over Brendan Fraser...but I liked the random nice guy that was always in the background. By the time Circle of Friends came-out two years later, I had my first bona fide celebrity crush.

(It didn't hurt that the movie was about a shy, insecure girl with curly hair...just like me! and was set in Ireland...the country I had a random obsession with.)

In fact, Chris O'Donnell is probably the reason I would end-up falling for just about any Irish-looking guy that crossed my path.

When I saw Chris on the red carpet at the Emmys on Sunday, I couldn't believe how young and boyish and fantastic he still looks...and this man has five little kids...shouldn't they have aged him a little?!

Perhaps he hasn't aged because, unlike many actors of his generation, he doesn't seem to have a history of hard-living or partying or trashing hotel rooms.

He's a good guy.

I bet he's very close to his parents and goes to church every Sunday and trains seeing eye dogs.

Chris O'Donnell, congratulations on not becoming a statistic.

And you look wonderful.

Diana Rissetto