Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Lord Gave, and the Lord Hath Taken Away...

...no, I am not going all religious on everybody...and I don't even think you NEED to be very religious or even have such great belief in a higher power in order to really get those words...

The priest said that at my uncle's funeral in February. We all took his death very badly, and I know we all still miss him very much.

Last week, two new guys entered my life.

My cousin had a baby on Monday night, and, just twelve hours later, my sister also had a baby.(They're going to grow-up best friends. Or just be totally wild and destroy things together. Or both!)

One baby is 1/4th of my father, and the other is 1/4th of my uncle...two people that were taken from us much too soon...and look at what we have been given in return.

I was looking at my brand-new nephew an hour after he was born, and it's just the craziest thing in the world for me to think that, "An hour ago, YOU WERE NOT HERE...and now you're an actual PERSON".

It just seems like an absolute miracle and proof that everything is going to be okay, no matter what, and that life does,indeed, go on.

If a baby doesn't prove all of that...I don't know what does.

Diana Rissetto

I Heart NY

(This morning as I walked to work...)

Tourist: Can you tell me where I can buy one of these...MTA METRO CARDS?

Me: Sure...you can get one right there (points towards subway station)

Tourist: (looking horrified and like she thinks I am playing a trick on her) I HAVE TO GO INTO A BASEMENT??????