Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ugly is as Ugly Does

My (very wise) father used to say, "You can't trust really ugly people. They always have a grudge against the world."

(If you knew my father, you would definitely laugh and say, "Yup, that sounds like something that he would say.")

Who is really ugly, though? How many people fit into that category of "really ugly"?

I don't think many at all...and if they are in that category, they put themselves there and it is their own fault.

For the most part, I don't consider myself a shallow person.

Aside from teeth, I really don't care about appearances very much...(yes, I have been known to look at less-than-stellar teeth and cringe inside a bit. I can't help it, and I'm being very honest in admitting it.)

The other day, my friend was telling me a story from our high school days...I had never heard this story, but I was able to very easily imagine it happening the way she told it.

One girl threatened another...who had reported her younger sister to the teachr for cheating on science class assignments...telling her, "You eff with my sister, you eff with me. Don't eff with me." while her trusty sidekick stood next to her and echoed, "Don't eff with her."

The two bullies walked-off, and the other girl burst into most 14-year-old girls would do.

To comfort her, another girl at the lunch table said, "Don't get upset...they're really really ugly. They are angry at the world."

While my friend was remembering this story, she laughed and said, "It's so mean...but I think it's true!"

I tried to remember the "really really ugly girls" that were "angry at the world." While I can't remember much about their facial features, I do remember constant unhappy looks on their faces. I remember them not being very nice to anybody. I don't remember them smiling. Ever. (Unless it was a sarcastic smirk to go with a nasty comment.)

What came first...a very ugly person, or a grudge against the world? Personally,I think having a grudge against the world is what makes somebody ugly.

I can't think of a single happy, pleasant, funny person who I would classify as ugly...nobody who takes care of themselves, is clean and well-groomed enough, smiles easily and carries themselves well can ever be ugly.

As I said in a previous entry, I think Adrien Brody is dreamy. Adrien Body...skinny and gawky with his Gonzo-like nose and too-small dreamy! My favorite scene of The Pianist is the very end, when he is once again sitting at his piano and turns around to a friend entering the room and gives him a big smile. The entire film is summed-up in this beautiful, heartbreaking smile.

Yes, I know Adrien was just playing a character and isn't really a piano player who escaped the Nazis...but I don't think anybody with the ability to smile like that could ever be ugly!

My father was right (as he probably was about almost everything.)

Very ugly people DO always have a grudge against the world...but the choice to be ugly? All yours.

Diana Rissetto