Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On a similar note as my previous entry about friendship...

...I'm starting to think that it's never too late, and, more often than not, time does heal all wounds.

I had another friend from middle/high school that I drifted from...not exactly on a friendly note...during college. I think we both felt a general understanding that our friendship just wasn't what it was when we were younger...sad, but true. We grew-up.

I learned that she had a baby last year...and even though we hadn't spoken in a good five years, I sent a gift, and a note, saying I hoped to meet her daughter some day. I realized I couldn't let something as major as one of my oldest friends becoming a mother go without acknowledging it.

She sent me a very nice thank-you card and we've been back in touch ever since. She even referred to me as "Auntie Diana" in relationship to her daughter!

It feels really good to be friends again. I think it's always a lot easier and better to be friends than not to be.

Another video...

...from the scarily talented, delightful, adorable, and...weirdo...Peter Cincotti.

My gosh...I love this kid.

Diana Rissetto