Saturday, February 28, 2009

Okay, so my favorite moment of this year's oscar is officially...

Anne Hathaway crying and mouthing, "Thank you, I love you" to Shirley MacLaine as she was raving about her.

Because I was imagining how I'd probably cry if Shirley MacLaine told me how great I was.

(Actually, before I cried, I probably would also tell her, "Shirley MacLaine, one of my very favorite Faerie Tale Theatre episodes is The Dancing Princesses, which starred your daughter as the youngest sister Loretta!!!!" But I'm sure people comment about that to her ALL the time...I mean, why talk about Terms of Endearment when you can bring-up Faerie Tale Theatre?)

What a lovely moment, and even though I have been rooting for Kate to take home that trophy since I saw The Reader...I think the presentations at this year's ceremony made EVERYONE feel and look like winners! Bravo.

Diana Rissetto