Monday, November 30, 2009

Steven Eckholdt, I hope you have Google Blog Alerts set-up for your own name.

(I mean, I have Google Blog Alerts set-up for my own name, and nobody EVER mentions me in their blogs besides myself.)

Because I really want to get this message out to you, Steven Eckholdt.

I need to thank you for appearing in, just about, every Christmas TV movie ever filmed.

(That's a stretch. It's actually more least...four.)

Santa Who

Secret Santa

Comfort and Joy

Our First Christmas

They all have something in least one of the characters end-up learning the true meaning of Christmas.

And they all feature Steven Eckholdt.

Sometimes he plays the reporter dealing with an amnesic Santa...sometimes he's the husband of a woman with amnesia who wakes-up to find herself with a husband and two kids.

But no matter what Steven Eckholdt is doing in these sappy television holiday movies, he is always fantastic.

In my mind, Steven Eckholdt is sentimental and sensitive and loves the holiday season more than anything in the world.

I like to think that Steven Eckholdt grew-up setting-up a minature Bedford Falls village in his living room as a kid.

I like to think that Steven Eckholdt clearly proposed to his wife on the Rockefeller Center skating rink in December.

However, I DO know that there's always the possibility that Steven Eckholdt just takes whatever roles come his way, and four of them just happened to be Christmas movies that Lifetime and the Family Channel play 800 times each every season.

Whatever the reason...keep on doing what you're doing, Steven Eckholdt.

Diana Rissetto

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