Monday, November 30, 2009

I tear-up at EVERYTHING this time of year.

While I AM known to cry over fabric softener commercials all throughout the year, I'm especially bad during the holidays. I watched the new Hallmark TV movie last night and found myself bawling at all the Hallmark commercials shown during the breaks. (Because the actual movie...about a developmentally disabled young man who wants to find homes for homeless dogs for Christmas REALLY just wasn't heartwrenching enough!)

On Thursday morning, I watched the Macy's I've done every Thanksgiving...and burst into tears at the site of a tall, dark-haired guy on an approaching Big Apple float.

Yes, that's Cheyenne Jackson, Broadway star, rising TV star, and my pal on his very own float at the Macy's parade.

Awesome awesome awesome.

Diana Rissetto

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