Monday, November 30, 2009

I ordered a veggie burger the other night.

The veggie burger USUALLY comes with fries, but on Wednesday, it came with mashed potatoes.

Mashed potatoes mixed with bacon.

I asked the waiter, "Is that bacon?"

The waiter, who was a young, enthusiastic, cute teenagish guy, said, "Of course it's bacon!"

I was really confused. (Since pigs don't grow on trees.)

Me: With a veggie burger?
Waiter: Oh! It's not bacon! It's...scallions!

Scallions are green! Bacon isn't green!

He told me to let him know if it was actually bacon before he left.

Since I haven't eaten bacon in a good ten years, I wasn't about to just then...and just trusted my instinct that that was, indeed, bacon, and scooped it out of my potatoes. (It was thankfully a clean scoop.)

A word to Houlihans:

Bacon and veggie burgers do not cancel each other out.

Diana Rissetto

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