Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Okay, everybody knows I'm a big Anne Frank fan...

...perhaps that sounds kind of strange...but, seriously? I think Anne would have been thrilled to know people were calling themselves fans.

I think it all started when I watched the Melissa Gilbert TV movie about her in the 4th grade. (Michael Landon is one of my ultimate heroes, so, of course I love Half-Pint, too.) I would go on to read every book I could possibly find on Anne Frank, and watch every last film.

So...of course, I snatched-up the brand NEW Anne Frank book on the shelves...Anne Frank: The Life, The Book, The Afterlife. http://www.harpercollins.com/books/9780061430794/Anne_Frank/index.aspx


I was reading on the train (which is where I do most of my reading) and was carrying the book as I was getting-off at my stop.

Conductor: (30-something old man with an accent and long dreadlocks) THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK!

Now, for a second, I looked at this man and realized how different we looked on the outside, and yet...we both knew Anne Frank! Anne Frank was so universal...she still brings people together.

Me: Yup.

Conductor: I have not seen a copy of that book since high school.

Me: (I had to correct him! It wasn't a copy of the actual diary!) Yeah...it's actually not the diary, it's kind a book about the book...

Young Man in Military Gear (most likely going to Fort Monmouth), gets off the trian with me:
So, it's like the story BEHIND The Diary of Anne Frank?

Me: Yeah...and about how the book got discovered and published and everything.

Military Guy: She brought the diary to the concentration camp with her, right? And that's where they found it?

Me: No...it was found in the hiding place...

Military Guy: So she left it in the house she stayed in?

I will give this guy a break, since he is serving our country...and I know that not everybody has my strange knowledge of all things Secret Annexe...but I cringed a bit inside.

Not gonna lie.

Diana Rissetto


Corey B said...

I just finished that book - I loved it outside of the whole "in the classroom" bit as, um, I'm not a teacher.

Ironically I'm also watching Little House online too. ;) I've seen a few episodes but never them all so I've been working through that while I'm sick.

I think Anne would like to know she has/had fans. :)

DianaGolightly said...

Loved the book! I can't believe how hostile the author is about the play/movie...YIKES. Totally right about the Van Daans acting like a Jewish family from the Bronx though.

Anonymous said...

Anne Frank ' s story and book is in the deep inside of the readers.
I visited her home many years ago (in Amsterdam ) : very touching moment for me.