Friday, May 1, 2009

Maybe I should have gone to dental school...

When I was younger, I had a reoccurring dream that it was Christmas Eve, and we hadn't even put-up our Christmas tree.

I had it all the time...all throughout the year.

I'm sure some would look into that and find psychological reasons for it...anxiety, nervousness, stress...but, personally, I think I really WAS just genuinely worried about Christmas Eve creeping-up on us and not having the tree up yet.

I really really really love Christmas...not having a tree on Christmas Eve would, literally, be a nightmare.

I stopped having that dream eventually, and another one replaced about...


At least once a week, I dream that something happens to my teeth.

I look in the mirror and my teeth are suddenly very crooked or very yellow. (Or both! Shivers...) And I think to myself, "But they weren't like that this morning!

In another dream, my teeth just suddenly start falling-out in my mouth.

I'll wake-up and run my tongue over my teeth to reassure myself that they are still there, then check the mirror to see that they are still straight (I never missed a night wearing my retainer!) and white (as I can get them without resorting to getting them professional whitened.)

Now, I have heard that this is one of the most common dream ever and EVERYBODY has it.

(Kinda like that one when you get your grades back and realize that there's a class on it you never ever went to or knew that you had to go to.)

I really don't think that's why I always have this dream, though...I think I really AM just thinking about something happening to my teeth and, like not having a Christmas tree up on December 24th, it is a nightmare!

I love teeth.

Maybe I should have been a dentist...but I don't think I would want to take care of other people's teeth. I would much rather just notice other people's beautiful teeth and appreciate them (without having to touch and clean them myself.)

In fact, the cashier at Rite Aid recently asked me why I always buy so much toothpaste. I told her because I like to brush my teeth...and I do!

I have certain tooth-spirations that keep me going to brush and rinse so many times a day.

Some celebrities in my Beautiful Teeth Hall of Fame:

Lance Bass

When he was on Dancing With the Stars, I would look at his teeth and think they were the whitest things I have ever seen in my entire life and wondered how he did it.

Peter Cincotti

Scarily talented (that amount of talent at such a young age should be illegal!) adorable (he's obviously a nice boy that appreciates bygone eras who was brought-up right) wonderful Peter Cincotti...his teeth aren't perfect...but, for some reason, I think that if it weren't for watching his hands while he was playing the piano, I'd be staring at his teeth.

There is something about the boy's teeth. Can't explain it. But there is.

One of my very favorite guys in the world, Cheyenne Jackson. We're lucky that he's such a happy and pleasant guy and smiles a lot, because those are some fantastic teeth that would be wasted on somebody who walked around with a face on all the time...(kinda like how annoyed I get when miserable people are the ones blessed with big dimples. I have always wanted dimples.)

Now, teeth can be "too big" and still be gorgeous, as long as they are straight and white.

Such as...Dancing With the Stars/Bachelor chickie Melissa.

I have heard people make fun of her teeth...but I think they're great!!!

Rachel McAdams

Now, those are teeth!!!!!

I love teeth.

(The other night, I had a dream that I kept going outside to a fruitstand and stealing cherries. I was shoving them, by the handful, into my purse and pockets. I wonder if that's going to replace my teeth dream.)

Diana Rissetto

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Anonymous said...

Diana, I love your "hall of fame",
you're great ! :-)

Very beautiful smiles :-)