Sunday, May 31, 2009

"I won't quit 'til I'm a star on Broadway..."

Yesterday, we had my sister's baby shower at my mother's house.

My mom's cousin saw the picture of Cheyenne Jackson on my mom's fridge (he should feel very honored, that fridge is reserved for Christmas photos of immediate child relatives only) and asked, "Who is THAT? He is GORGEOUS."

I told her that was my pal, a Broadway actor whom my mom was also very fond of, and, as chance would have it, he would be on television that evening opening the Tony preview concert.

Most of the guests were gone by 7 PM, but my mom told those who lingered that they had to hang around until they could all see Cheyenne on television.

Which we did...even though nobody had any idea who he was, and my Aunt Barbara told everyone that he had also been on All My Children with Susan Lucci a few years ago.

And so we watched the segment...and they all my mother's living room, surrounded by baby swings and blue and brown decorations.

I've always said (well, for the last five years or so), that this guy rates very high on my list of "older brothers I have always wanted"...and as everyone cheered in my mother's living room after his "On Broadway" segment, it looks like he also has a crazy Italian-American extended family that will gladly treat him like one of his own!

Here's the fantastic clip...

Diana Rissetto

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Anonymous said...

Diana, thanks for sharing it : this video is amazing...!!
You have a brilliant marvellous talented friend !