Friday, April 17, 2009

Photo of the Day...

The spectacular Peter Cincotti makes his Radio City Music Hall debut last night.

Now, it is really beyond me that Peter is opening for Seal and not selling-out Radio City Music Hall all on his own.

This young man truly has the most talent I have ever personally been around...he's our generation's answer to Billy Joel, and I know one day he certainly WILL be filling all 6,000 of those seats!

While I have gotten spoiled by being able to see Peter quite cheaply (or even for free) in places like Joe's Pub or, you know...Borders in Columbus Circle...I look forward to the day when he's a huge name...he deserves it.

Diana Rissetto

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Anonymous said...

Dear Diana,
thanks for this picture (Peter full of energy !!), and thanks for your post : I'll look forward to his one-man show @ Radio City Music Hall, sooner or later..
(..sooo great ;-) he deserves it)