Monday, April 6, 2009

I am really sheltered...'s not an act.

I spent a good part of my childhood in New York City.

I went through a lot before I reached of my parents died when I was a was definitely not always easy.

And yet, I have remained strangely naive and sheltered and young for my age.

Last week, I went to the opening night of the revival of HAIR.

(What a knock-out production. I really really want to be in the cast. I wonder if, "does not require a wig!" can overshadow "cannot sing at all!" Perhaps it does.)

I sat through the entire performance wondering if somebody in my row had been sprayed by a skunk.

I have never smelt skunk in the city...often in New Jersey, but not in the city.

It must be very embarrassing, I thought, to come to a Broadway show reeking of skunk. Poor guy.

But, oh no... I wasn't skunk at all. It was pot. People were just getting into the spirit of the show...

I like my own little world.

It is a nice place.

Diana Rissetto

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