Monday, February 16, 2009

I don't wear jewelry much...

I wear a chain with a small cross on it almost every day of my life...(and I have many of them...a silver one I bought when I was in Ireland that I love...even though I don't have a drop of Irish blood in me, I am strangely obsessed with Irish things...several that I have bought from a stand that is always at the Bryant Park Holiday of my best friends and I actually have matching crucifix and Star of David's very "Baby-Sitters Club".)

I rarely wear bracelets (they end-up distracting me) or rings (certainly can't wear pinky rings, due to my crazy crooked pinkies...I wouldn't be able to get them off...)

No, I do not wear jewelry much.

Then why can't I get away from this website?

And then I saw this:

This elegant Matinee pearl necklace is a double strand of excellent quality glass pearls from the early 1940s. The 7.5 mm pearls are very heavy and are not bright white. They are wedding dress white, or pearls with a very slight champagne finish. The color is officially called cream. The necklace has an old round filigree clasp that is signed Sterling.

A really gorgeous double strand of glass pearls, and most certainly very old!

I haven't ordered them.

They are expensive.

And I am wondering if I'd even wear them.

BUT...they are "most certainly very old"...and that is making me want them.

I am picturing a girl in 1942 wearing them as she writes letters to her boyfriend (whose name is Charlie!) fighting in the war.

I am ridiculous.

I am crazy.

But my love of all things 1940's is even worse and more random than my love of all things Irish.

Diana Rissetto

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Anonymous said...

Oh ! :)
You're great ! :)

Have a nice "40's style" week :)

Baci !