Sunday, February 22, 2009

Favorite Oscar Moments...

There was just a tribute to musicals on the Academy Awards...Hugh Jackman cried out, "The musical is BACK!"

(And at that moment, the majority of my musical-theatre-loving friends on Facebook updated their statuses to comment on how awesome the performance was...myself included...yes, there is a reason why we're such dorks...we're huge musical theatre fans, after all.)

If that was up on YouTube, I would include it in the following list, but it's not yet.

Here are some more Oscar moments that I remember watching and rewinding and watching again (and, of course, crying over. I was just laughing when I saw Kate Winslet crying over Penelope Cruz's acceptance speech...and I said to myself, "Who are you kidding, Diana? If you were in the audience, you'd be crying over lighting design nominations...")

Buddies Matt Damon and Ben Affleck win for their Good Will Hunting screenplay. Watching it now freaks me out slightly, since they're younger than I am now...and I haven't won an Oscar for Best Screenplay yet. Extra points because Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon presented it to them...and extra extra points because they brought their moms. The way their voices are cracking and how they're bouncing's great!

Adrien Brody winning for Best Actor in The Pianist.

Now, this isn't just about the Halle Berry kiss! That was one well-deserved Oscar. I have seen my share of Holocaust films, and think The Pianist is up there as one of the all-time best. In one of the very last scenes, Adrien is sitting at his piano, and he turns and smiles at somebody, and that entire movie is captured in the most heartbreaking, beautiful, soulful smile...just an incredible performance! He's adorable, his speech was adorable, and watching him just tear-up as Heath Ledger was honored just shows that he's an emotional guy. And look at how everyone is cheering for him...clearly a well-liked dude in Hollywood.

ROBERTO! winning one of two Oscars of the night for Best Foreign Language film. Come on, he's jumping on chairs. I loved Life is Beautiful...even though it was criticized for how unrealistic it was, it was a wonderful and touching and heartbreaking film and that Roberto is delightful.

Frank Sinatra winning for From Here to Eternity. I clearly didn't watch this on television when it was first aired...but how could I not include the greatest there ever was?

Diana Rissetto

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Anonymous said...

Ciao Diana ! :-)
I loved Sofia Loren embracing Kate Winslet, on the stage, it seemed to me to listen to Sofia whispering in italian "brava..brava"(I'm not sure about..)and I appreciated it..very beautiful Kate, so full of emotion (I adored the "shampoo bottle" one :-))...well, dreams come true...
Great moments !