Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Cincotti kinda week...

The title of this blog is stolen (or borrowed) from a Peter Cincotti song.

If you have been following this blog since its world premiere in June 2007 (and I do seem to have a bunch of random regular readers around the world...I have no idea who these people are, but it makes me laugh to think anybody cares about these ramblings...), you certainly know that I consider Peter Cincotti to be the most talented musician our generation has produced...and after going to his CD signing at Borders today, I have noticed other things about him...he seems to be a nice guy, with a warm and wonderful family.

Peter performed at Joe's Pub last night. I went with my friend who had never seen Peter perform and was very anxious to watch his hands play that piano in person.

(I will always be sad that I never learned to play the piano. Due to my ridiculously crooked pinkies, perhaps it was a dream that never meant to come true...)

Last night, we were to Peter's back for a majority fo the concert and sadly couldn't see really see him play the piano...(he does has nice hair, though! Very shiny!)

However, despite this one small detail, the concert was absolutely excellent and Peter Cincotti is an absolute out-of-control talent and I am completely baffled as to why he's not selling-out Radio City Music Hall yet.

The boy's got magic!

Today, Peter sang and signed CD's at the Borders across the street from the building I work in.

(I rarely go to Borders...working at Barnes and Noble for so many years has left me with a certain loyalty. However, Peter Cincotti concerts in Borders randomly in the middle of the week call for a trip to my precious Barnes' competition.)

Now, like myself, Peter is from a big, tight-knit Italian-American family. I don't know just how old I was when I realized that not everyone has three thousand cousins (it's not even a matter of my family being big...I just always grew-up equally close with my first cousins and second cousins and now am watching friendships grow between the next generation of little third cousins. We were just brought-up to know that family means everything.)

I like to think that if I ever released an album and had a signing at Borders (and if you have ever heard me sing, you'd realize just how hilarious that "if" is...however, there's always a chance I'll have a booksigning), that my family would show-up and cheer in full-force like Peter's family did.

It was hard not to notice all the excited, supportive, loving people hugging and kissing each other in greeting at the signing that made-up a good part of the audience. (It was pretty obvious they were relatives...I mean, I don't usually hug and kiss random people I meet at CD signings in bookstores.)

Peter sang about four songs, and kept saying how excited he was to be there...and, you know what? I believed him. Yes, maybe it does sound a little silly to think, "BORDERS IN COLUMBUS CIRCLE! I HAVE MADE IT!"...but this is a guy who would give a bunch of people in fold-out chairs in a bookstore the same stellar performance he would give on a Carnegie Hall stage...I honestly believe that.

Nobody was cheering louder for Peter than his family was, and it was just a very nice thing to see. Fans were even introducing themselves to his mom, who was, in turn, acting like their mom.

Now, when I last met Peter Cincotti (http://dianagolightly.blogspot.com/2008/11/creel-and-cincotti.html), I rambled to him that he really, really needs to record a Christmas album.

And as he signed the cover of my East of Angel Town album tonight, all I said was, "You know, I'm still waiting for that Christmas album!"

Peter laughed (hopefully remembering and getting the reference...otherwise, the boy was just really confused) and said, "Don't worry...I'm working on it..."

What a great performer...and what a classy guy.

Cincotti family, etc...you have something to be very proud of, indeed!

(And I am thinking last night that I really missed my chance...why didn't I ask Peter if he had a nice single cousin my age? I'm sure he does!)

Diana Rissetto

Sunday, January 4, 2009

When it comes to Kate Winslet...

...I'm like the crazy sister from Notting Hill who rambles to Julia Roberts' character about how they need to become best friends.

Because I just know Kate Winslet and I, given the chance, would be BFF.

I first became a fan when Kate was in Sense and Sensibility . I am a walking cliche in that, when I'm feeling sentimental or upset or bored or pretty much anything else...I reread Jane Austen novels. Sense and Sensibility is my favorite, Marianne is one of my favorite literary characters ever, and Kate brought her to life absolutely dazzlingly.

In 1997, a little movie named Titanic came-out, and since I was a fifteen-year-old girl at the time, I did what ALL fifteen-year-old girls around the world did...saw the movie several times in the theatre, cried my little heart out, and made plans to marry Leonardo DiCaprio.(Which I haven't really given-up on.)

I think Kate is wonderful...a fantastic actress, and her attitudes in interviews is so incredibly refreshing.

Yesterday, I went to go see Kate in The Reader.

Now, we all know that I worked at Barnes and Noble for years, and one thing I learned from that career was that Oprah Winfrey has some scary power over the world. When Oprah Winfrey says, "READ!" people, "READ!"

(It used to take everything in my power not to snap at people when they'd come in asking for the "new Oprah book." Oprah did not write Anna Karenina or Grapes of Wrath. She didn't. She didn't. She didn't. They were around long before she told you to read them!)

The Reader was one of those books. I read it, not because Oprah told me to, but because I am very much drawn to Holocaust-related fiction and non-fiction.

I wasn't entirely taken by the book...but intrigued as to how it would transfer onscreen.

I daresay, the movie was better than the book! (And we all know how very rarely that happens.)

Kate gives an absolutely chilling, haunting, devastating and beautiful performance as Hanna in this film.

If she doesn't win the Oscar this year, she and Mr. Raul Esparza need to start a "Brilliant and Overlooked Performances" club.

I've always been good at picking friends!

Diana Rissetto