Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Clip of the Day...

Not long ago, I ran into Peter Cincotti...the supertalented, superadorable singer-musician-songwriter Peter a concert, and all I could think to discuss with him was how the world would be a better place if he would only record a holiday album.

(Whatever, if somebody said that to me, I'd take it as the ultimate compliment.)

He kept hitting me in the arm and laughing.

(He was either superamused or superuncomfortable. Perhaps a bit of both.)

However, since then, although he has not recorded a Christmas album, he DID perform at the NYSE tree lighting, AND today he sent this YouTube message out to all of his fans...

Now, I find it very hard to believe that, for the briefest second, "Wow, that lunatic who kept rambling to me about how much I need to do a Christmas CD will probably like this..." didn't cross Peter's mind!

And a very Merry Christmas to you, too, Peter.

Diana Rissetto

Holiday Clip of the Day...

Cheyenne Jackson has been eligible for the Tony Award for Leading Actor in a Musical twice...and twice he was sadly overlooked.

I was especially disappointed and surprised when he wasn't nominated for his portrayal of the clueless but lovable Sonny Malone in last year's surprise hit, Xanadu.

I knew I was going to be en route to work when the nominations came-out, and had a couple of people on call to ring me and let me know.

My train broke down, and I received many cellphone calls and text messages saying, "Sorry about your boy."

I was sorry about my boy...and he is "my boy", and I'm tremendously proud and excited for him no matter what turns his career takes and decisions he makes...but, not going to lie...a Tony nomination would have been fun for everybody.

(However, I think the fact that he was not nominated made his knock-out performance at the Tony Awards all the more fantastic.

It was like he was saying, "Well...I know you didn't put me in the running for a Tony...but, goshdarnit, LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!")

Regardless of his lack of Tony nominations, I think Cheyenne Jackson shows-off some PHENOMENAL acting skills in this year's [title of show] show Christmas episode.

Honestly, his portrayal as the crazed attempted murderer is worthy of a Tony!

And an Oscar!

And an Emmy!

Look at the crazy in that guy's eyes!

I think we've found the lead of Ted Bundy: The Musical!

And anybody who knows Cheyenne knows that he's one of the nicest guys in the watching him try to kill an innocent puppet like Mindy is all the more disturbing and impressive!

Bravo, Sir!!!!!!

(Might I add that I love everybody involved with [title of show]. I think Hunter Bell and I would totally be best friends...sorry, Kate Winslet...given the chance.)

Here is the HILARIOUS webisode...with cameos by Laura Benanti, Stephen Pasquale, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Celia Keenan-Bolger and, of course, Cheyenne Jackson.

Diana Rissetto