Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sharing a (non-Christmas!) link...

Last year, I read the novel Those Who Save Us and was really taken with it.

I have always been fascinated with the World War II era (I think I can credit my Molly McIntyre doll and the television series Homefront for that one), and thought that I had read plenty of various Holocaust books and watched numerous films on the topic. Glancing over at my DVD shelf, I can spot The Pianist, Life is Beautiful, Swing Kids, the miniseries Holocaust, starring a very young Meryl Streep, and more than one version of The Diary of Anne Frank. (I also examined Anne Frank's sister, Margot, in the award-winning musical I collaborated on recently.)

However, this particular novel touched-upon something I never gave much thought to...the average German woman during World War II...women who just wanted to survive, and sometimes turned to extreme measures to keep themselves and their children alive and safe.

I shot the author, Jenna Blum, an email after I finished the book to thank her for making my commute more enjoyable for a few days, and she responded.

We're now, of course, Facebook friends.

Jenna posted this link today, and it made me laugh and admire her even more.

I really love the fact that a New York Times best-selling author can laugh at herself like this!\

It reminded me of something I did recently...sending a play I wrote to a young singer/composer that I would love to work with (his last name rhymes Manicotti...).

I haven't heard back from him yet, but I'm pretty sure that he is just waiting until he has finished writing all the songs for the musical we'll collaborate on together.

In fact, I bet I'll run into him on the subway soon.

I'll hear a young man behind me softly singing to himself as he crosses-out and rewrites...I'll turn around...we'll realize who the other is...then he'll hand me the sheet music, we'll start to sing, and soon the entire train will break-out into a big, rousing ensemble number.

Thank you, Jenna Blum, for this sensational book and this very amusing Alec Baldwin-related read.

I can only hope to one day be the subject of the blog of "rambling girl who has no idea what she should do with her life."

Diana Rissetto

Holiday Clip of the Day...

One day, this will stop being so funny...I don't know when that will happen...and I don't even know why I find it so funny. (My friend Matt responded to this comment with, "Because it has Cheyenne in it, and a little red puppet in a white dress hitting him and telling him to get outa here...")

I watched it last Christmas when it came-out, after eating nothing but Christmas cookies all day, and thought I was just giggling so much at it because I was punchy and on a sugar high.

But, oh no...this thing never stops being hilarious to me.

Here is the [title of show] holiday special from last year, which debuted the puppet Mindy and her infamous catch phrase, "Get outttttttttttttttta here, Cheyenne Jackson!"

I truly loved [title of show] when it came to Broadway, and am sad, although I understand, why it didn't exactly catch-on and last very long. I think the creators are on to something very, very special, and I hope they stick around and keep putting-out more stuff for me to laugh at.

"It's Christmas time at [title of show]..."

Diana Rissetto