Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm off to Florida for the week!

And I will most likely not be blogging that much while down there.

However, if you find yourself longing for my daily ramblings, Cheyenne Jackson updates, and other nonsense (which is probably very very unlikely to happen, even though, ever since I installed this google tracker thing on my blog, I have found that I have several devoted readers in Chicago, Texas AND Turkey, among many other places), you can find a one-act play that I wrote being produced right here in New York City!

I honestly don't even remember WRITING this play, or sending it anywhere (I tend to do that), but it's a short play based on my time at Barnes and Noble and most of the stuff is based on stuff that really happened...(like the old lady that called every Sunday asking for personal advice...the moms who offered me cash to write their lazy kids' book reports...the time I staff recommended The Bible when The Passion of the Christ was out and wrote "NOW A HIT FILM!" on the card...whatever, I thought it was hilarious at the time.)

I'm very excited that I am making my New York City debut...(even though I can't be there...since I will be in Florida, of course.)

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Diana Rissetto