Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tiny Dancer

I recently was spending time with a certain little relative of mine, and she was looking for her big stuffed lion pillow that she likes to dance with.

We looked in her playroom, we looked under chairs.

We couldn't find her big stuffed lion pillow that she likes to dance with.

She and I went up to her room and she opened her closet.

"He's not in here," she said. (While I looked and smiled at all her minature little outfits hanging up.) " TUTU is!"

She picked-up her tutu and pulled it over her pajamas, and then ran downstairs and danced around in it. (Her music of choice? "Hot Stuff", as played by a stuffed red dragon...a Hallmark Valentine's Day promotion, most likely.)

As I watched this little person dance around, I started to wonder...exactly WHEN do we get too old that it is no longer appropriate to go, " know what I'm going to do? Dance around in my tutu! No reason...just because I want to."

I think it's a shame that, as we get older, such things are frowned upon and that we'd be seen as crazy instead of freespirited.

I think we could all take a lesson from this very wise nearly-three-year-old.

When you can't find your stuffed lion pillow...pull on your tutu and keep on dancing anyway!

Diana Rissetto