Sunday, August 3, 2008

I enjoy some Michael Buble...

...they used to play him at Barnes and Noble when I worked there...we would hear his CD Home, roughly, eleven times a shift. (And then we'd all start singing along subconsciouly since we knew ALL the words.)

(However, my heart belongs to Peter Cincotti. People speak as though there is a rivalry between these two young though it's not possible to be a fan of both! I don't see why there really SHOULD be. I have no problem buying both of their albums and seeing them both in concert...they could make a lot of people happy and go on tour together...they could do a piano duel and sing their respective covers of "Sway"...that would be awesome!!! Yes, I enjoy Mr. Buble, but I also think he is unfit to shine Peter Cincotti's wingtips.)

I was watching the video for Michael's song "Everything" and I find it pretty freaking weird.

This song brings to mind images of a couple rollerskating on the boardwalk, eating frozen yogurt and laughing.

Not auditioning mimes and Bono impersonators.

Seriously...who comes UP with this stuff?

Diana Rissetto