Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bon Jovi had a free concert in Central Park today

I didn't go.

(Mainly because I was at another show just a few blocks away...Damn Yankees...which I already saw...but this time, I brought my mother...)

However, I am quite fond of Jon Bon Jovi...he and his family would often come into my old bookstore. (I once straightened out Berenstein Bear books after his little boy looked at them.) They always just seemed like a very nice, down-to-earth family, and I'm glad they have been able to lead a peaceful, private life in New Jersey.

(I'm not going to mention my middle-aged coworker who, when Mr. Bon Jovi walked in once, rushed over to me, shaking, and grabbed my wrists, going, "Just calm down! Calm down! CALM DOWN!")

Anyway, here's a quick, funny slightly-related Dianecdote.

Last year, I asked my mother if she caught "Matt Lauer's interview with the boys the other day."

She said she had.

We talked about this...the interview that Matt Lauer did with the boys...

It took a few two minutes before we realized that we were talking about two entirely different things.

THESE were the boys SHE was talking about...

While THESE were the boys I was talking about...

(My mom was very confused for a bit. She had no idea that I was such a big Richie Sambora fan that I would defend so much as I was protectively defending Prince William. I can't help it...I was named after his mum...maybe it's innate for me to want to look after the boy!)

Diana Rissetto