Sunday, June 22, 2008

I admit...I used to read US Weekly...

...and In Touch and the likes. (However, I never bought them. I used to read them on my lunchbreaks at the bookstore. I don't know if that makes it better or worse. I was never really able to concentrate on a novel while I was sitting in the breakroom eating, with coworkers walkign in-and-out.)

I clicked on a link about "celebrity moms-to-be" ( and was completely disgusted with the comments people were leaving about these women. Disgusted! I have absolutely no idea why so many people care so much about the lives of celebrities, and feel the need to tear them apart. Reading these comments made me angry, and sad that people are so uneccessarily mean.

It takes a lot of time and energy to be so concerned about and to trash people that you do not know, and, most likely, will never, ever know.

Take Mrs. Matt Damon, Luciana.

I am pretty sure that this girl never did anything to hurt any of these comment-leavers.

And yet, why on EARTH must people be so nasty?

Here are some of the comments left about this girl:

is MATT really gay? To be with this former bartender from Argentina with a child she left behind says a lot. She is UGLY but hit the jack-pot marrying Matt.

what was matt damon thinking?


i don't know what he sees in her w/her buff teeth.

Hopefully the baby will look like Matt.

of course she loves being pregnant. who wouldn't prefer being a babymaker to a millionaire rather than a bar maid (her previous job)?

You have to give Matt Damon credit for marrying for love. She is not a very attractive girl. Those teeth. With all that money fix your teeth already. She looks like she could eat an apple through a picket fence. Maybe she has other qualities.

Sure she does, and that is how she got Matt to marry her. The more kids she has, the more child support he'll eventually owe.


I have never met Luciana Damon. I have been a fan of Matt Damon for years, as a writer and as an actor. I think he's awesome and talented with a smile that could light-up the Grand Canyan. I think it's great and refreshing that he married a single mom who was a bartender when he could have had his pick of a thousand Hollywood starlets. He married this girl, they are having their second child together, and I think it is safe to assume that he loves why do all these people need to tear this girl apart because they think she's hideous or having babies so build-up future child support???????????

(For the record, I think she's a pretty girl and have no idea how anybody can look at her and see "ugly". However, even if she WAS ugly...and I can think of VERY few...if any...people that I would classify as such...what difference does it make?)

I hope Luciana doesn't stumble upon all this nastiness, but if she ever does, I would like to say:

"Luciana, you get to be married to Matt Damon and have babies with him...none of those people leaving that vicious commentary get to." is ridiculous.

"If you don't have anything nice to say..."

Diana Rissetto

In case you missed it...

Xanadu's performance at the Tony Awards last weekend, featuring Cheyenne Jackson, Kerry Butler, Tony Roberts and the rest of this very wonderful cast of this very wonderful show which I have seen eight times over the past year...(and I am pretty sure it gets funnier every time...)

Check it out, and understand why I got about fifteen text messages right after the number ended, all basically, "YOUR BUDDY WAS AMAZING!"

And he WAS!

I was in the audience rooting for the shows which I am a publicist for...and watching some of the people I speak to every day get-up and accepting Tony Awards was truly a special experience, as was watching one of my very favorite guys on earth bring down the house with this song!!!

Diana Rissetto