Saturday, June 7, 2008

I never claimed to be anything close to cool...

...which is why I am sitting home on a Saturday night blogging about how much I LOVE Rodgers and Hammerstein.

Love love love love.


Give me an old Rodgers and Hammerstein movie musical, and I am a very happy girl. Give me a community theatre production or...EVEN BETTER...a Broadway revival, and I am in Heaven. There is something overwelmingly comforting and familiar and warm about these stories, and these songs.

They just don't make 'em like that any more.

(Sometimes I truly feel like I should be about 80-years-old...when I say things like that is one of them.)

Carousel is one of my favorite R&H musicals. It was one show that my dad and I saw together, and would watch the movie together often. (And sing along with the cast recording in the car. I think the whole "not cool" gene is very dominant in my family.)

Now, in Carousel,Billy Bigelow dies and comes back to guide his teenage daughter, who wasn't even born when he died.

Combine the fact that this was our "show" and that it is about fathers dying, and I have stayed far far far away from Carousel for the past nine years.


As in, if I hear "If I Loved You" or "You'll Never Walk Alone" in Rite-Aid, I have to leave.

(Luckily for me, they don't play songs from Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals in Rite-Aid, even though I really think they should!!!)

However, I still think it is a beautiful and wonderful show, and when my dear pal and actor, Cheyenne Jackson, announced that he would like to play Billy in a remake of Carousel, (in this interview... I realized that maybe there WOULD come a time when I would be able to revisit Carousel, and Cheyenne playing Billy would be one of those things that would get me there.

A quote from Carousel has been playing in my head over the past few's part of the speech the principal of the school gives when Billy and Juile's daughter graduates.

The world belongs to you as much as to the next fella, so don't give it up. And try not to be scared of people not liking you, just you try liking them. And just keep your faith, and your courage, and you'll turn out all right.

I am a complete hypocrite sometimes...I ALWAYS worry about what people think about me, and, even worse, assume that they are laughing at me and thinking the worst, and at the same time, I do the same thing myself.

I have had a couple of ephiphanies lately...and I think I am too hard on people.

Recently, I discovered an unlikely friend...somebody I never thought to spend time to or talk with...(seriously, it is depressing enough when you start thinking about how there are so many people in this freaking world that you are never ever EVER going to even MEET that just might be the best friend you ever had) and because of this unlikely friend, I am starting to wonder just how many friendships I have missed-out on because I've judged somebody or thought the worst...or, in very typical Diana fashion, held a grudge against them. I think that's very sad...and I absolutely know that I am wrong and want to change.

I think that perhaps liking people and giving them the benefit of the doubt would be so much easier than judging them and carrying around negative energy...and just like the guy in Carousel told those kids...just try liking people first and you'll be okay.

(However, making fun of people occasionally is always okay. Sometimes you just need to...but I will try to limit that to Tyra Banks and random couples in the New York Times wedding announcements.)