Monday, May 19, 2008

I like Prince William

Maybe it's because my name is Diana. I was named after Princess Diana, and I think that most girls born in the 1980's have wanted to marry Prince William at some point.

I still have a daydream that I'll meet Prince William one day and he will shake my hand and go, "Ah, yes. That is a very easy name for me to remember."

And there's another, very superficial reason I would like to marry Prince William for.

So I can wear fancy hats.

William's lovely girlfriend, Kate Middleton, wearing hats.

Last week, William's cousin was married and Fergie and Andrew's daughter wore THIS hat to the wedding...

I want that hat.

I don't know wear I'd wear it...but I want it.

I guess if you were born into the royal family of Britian or dating the future King, you can get away with wearing such hats.

If you're just a nice girl that works in...oh, a bookstore or an office or something...

You would just look really really stupid.

Diana Rissetto