Thursday, May 1, 2008


Earlier this week, my friend/Broadway star/one of the greatest guys on earth, Cheyenne Jackson, was nominated for a Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Musical. (The Drama Desk Awards are to the Tony Awards what the Golden Globes are to the Oscars.)

I could not be prouder of this guy if he was my own brother. His performance in Xanadu is delightful and wonderful and endearing, and this is a nomination well-deserved.

Diana Rissetto

This time, the dream's on me...

The other day, my friend, who is going through a lot of changes and is under a lot of stress right now, told me that she keeps having dreams that she is trapped in a tsunami. She looked it up, and found that the dream means that she is...surprise surprise...going through a lot of changes and is under a lot of stress right now.

I told her that every so often, when things get crazy, I dream that my teeth are falling out. I used to take this dream on a literal level...that I really WAS afraid of my teeth falling out. I have nice teeth. I like my teeth...and I would be quite upset if I lost them...of course I would be...but I don't think there are many people out there who look forward to losing their teeth.

However, when I looked up THAT dream, I found that it is one of the ten most common dreams that people have and this dream also means that you are feeling stressed and overwelmed. Now, as many of you might know, I have had three stressful jobhunts since I graduated college.

At times, I've been an absolute mess.

I tend to worry a lot.

And cry.

And lose sleep.

It is just how I am made.

However, when I AM able to sleep, it is then that I start having the "my teeth are falling-out" dream. They just start popping-out! My teeth!

My friend laughed when I told her about this, and said that she also dreams that her teeth are falling-out and thought that she was crazy because "who dreams about their TEETH falling-out?"

Everybody, apparently.

We then realized that there is no such thing as a unique dream.

Or is there?

I started thinking about weird, memorable dreams that I have had.

-I used to dream ALL THE TIME that it was Christmas Eve and I hadn't done any decorating or watched any Christmas movies. I start trying to get all the movies I can in before Christmas Day. A realistic nightmare, as I LOVE Christmas time and feel like it WOULD be too bad for the season to come and go without decorations or Jimmy Stewart.

-A few months ago, I had a dream that I was seeing the show Spring Awakening. I was sitting on the edge of the stage, and the show was going on, but nobody in the audience was paying attention. One of the stars, Jonathan Groff, came over and sat down next to me and asked me out. I turned my head and pointed to his co-star, John Gallagher, Jr. and went, "But...I like HIM more..." (Jonathan Groff was nominated for a Tony for that show, while John Gallagher, Jr. actually WON the Tony...) Do I think that I am too good for Tony nominees and will settle for nothing less than a Tony WINNER? Maybe. Or maybe I just find John Gallagher, Jr. cuter than Jonathan Groff. I like his hair.

-I occasionally see a therapist. I really like my doctor. She's a real mom-type (well, she has three kids, so I guess she IS a mom). Her youngest daughter is a flighty artist-type with curly hair...and I am a flighty artist-type with curly hair...and I think she feels close to me for that reason. She also lost her dad when she was a teenager, so I really feel comfortable talking to her about the multitudes of issues I have from that one. When I got my job two years ago, things started to turn around and I had a dream that I went to go see my therapist and told her I was okay and we had nothing to talk about and that I'd miss her. (Little did I know, I was going to be laid-off soon and spiral into another depression...)

-I dream that I am getting married and yet I have no idea WHO I am marrying, and I keep trying to explain this to my mother and she won't listen to me. I don't know what this one means at all. It could mean I have been going to WAY too many weddings lately and am not ready to get married at all.

-I had a dream once that I saw Harry Connick, Jr., his wife and kids in the street and then I went out to dinner with them. I was really disappointed when I woke-up from that one. I love Harry Connick, Jr.!

-There is also that reoccuring nightmare I would have at the end of EVERY semester...and I still have it every December and May, as if my biological clock is still on a school schedule. I dream that I get my grades from my university, and realize there is a class on there that I never went to. Once. I have learned that EVERYBODY has this dream. My friend Brian had a dream once that he ran to the class that he never went to and said, "CAN I AT LEAST TAKE THE FINAL!?!?!?!?!"

I also have heard that you don't dream much when you have a lot on your mind...this makes sense. I didn't dream much while my dad was sick, and then suddenly started dreaming after he passed away. (I don't remember having dreams about losing teeth or tsunamis during this time, though.)