Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I have curly hair

I don't watch that much television.

I enjoy Ugly Betty. I dream one day of being famous enough so I can be on Dancing with the Stars. Reruns of Highway to Heaven and Little House on the Prairie never get old.

But most television is trash.

And every so often, a very special television show comes along that makes you feel like your IQ is plummeting with every minute.

Millionaire Matchmaker is one of those shows.

My gosh.

However, I did learn something very valuable from the episode I watched the other day.

I learned the reason why I am not only not married to a millionaire, but the reason I don't even have a boyfriend.

It's because I have curly hair.

Why didn't I think of that?

According to Patti the Matchmaker, guys don't like women with curly hair.

Okay, I'm not going to say she's right (because she is not), but I have had guys make similar comments to me and I really have no idea why they think it's acceptible.

All of these guys were former coworkers of mine and they both find the charming need to tell me that they didn't like girls with curly hair.

One said, "I'm more of a straight/wavy haired kinda guy."

I shot back with, "Well, I'm more of a 'guy with manners kinda girl.'!"

The other said, "You know why curly hair sucks? (wow, thanks). Because girls with straight hair can just, like, MAKE their hair curly. But your hair is probably a real bitch to straighten."

(Please tell that to my sister, who has stick straight hair that won't hold a curl for anything.)

On the subject of my straight-haired sister, another coworker was once grilling me about my family. He knew my sister was getting married. He asked if we looked alike. I told him, "No, she actually has stick straight hair..."

Him: You must be very jealous of her.
Me: Why?
(Expecting him to say, "Because she is getting married and you're not!" for which he would have deserved a kick in the head.)
Him: Because she has straight hair.
Me: Why would I be jealous?
Him: Don't all girls with curly hair want straight hair?
Me: No?




I have curly hair.

It comes out of my head like that.

And I love it! My hair is ME. I would not be myself with straight hair. Diana's kooky. Diana is quirky. Diana is a free-spirit. AND DIANA HAS CURLY HAIR.

I would love to know why it is so unattractive to some people and why straight hair is automatically seen as prettier.

I get stopped and complimented on my curls constantly.

People are always sticking their hands in my hair (uninvited).

My gay male friends (and those are the harshest critics) all love my hair!

And yet, Patti and so many others think we have to CHANGE our CURLS in order to be attractive.

Don't get me started.


This entry will end up being 100 pages long if I keep going.

Diana Rissetto