Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's like my own version of the movie BEACHES...

I guess friendships are hard to define when you're nine-years old. You don't really have problems to share, or anything too deep to talk about. You probably can't even talk about your favorite books or movies. Friendship back then was sitting at the same lunch table and, if you're really lucky, living near each other so you can ride the school bus together.

My best friend up to the third grade lived in Battery Park, and I lived near the South Street, we weren't on the same school bus...but we somehow did manage to form a best friendship (whatever that is in the third grade!)

She moved to California at the end of the third grade. (I still was the day of our spring recital. We were practicing on stage, and she was just watching us.

I moved myself that summer, and for a long time, we wrote letters back-and-forth.

(I honestly miss writing letters.)

We sadly stopped after a while, and it's been a good ten years since we corresponded.

However, thanks to social networking sites, I tracked-down my first best friend...just before she was planning her first trip to New York City since she left.

It made me laugh to think that now we're exchanging text messages...when we used to write each other actual letters, with stamps and all.

My coworkers were confused when I told them I was taking a break yesterday because my best friend from the third grade was waiting for me outside.

"Is this a third grade reuniont?"
"So you haven't seen her since?"

Over cups of coffee instead of cartons of chocolate milk, we caught-up...and seventeen years is a lot to catch-up on.

And when we were walking together, I noticed that we were almost the same exact height...whenever we had to line-up for size order in class, we were always next to each other...that hasn't changed!

I have a very strong feeling that had we remained in the same state all these years, we would have remained the best of friends.

Diana Rissetto

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