Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Clip of the Day...

So many versions of A Christmas little time.

I remember my father telling me that when we were little and my parents would wrap our gifts and put them out on Christmas Eve, he'd always watch A Christmas Carol on PBS. I'm pretty sure it was the superold A Christmas Carol...the one with the actress who played Lassie's mother (June Lockhart...but it's more fun to call her the actress who played Lassie's mother...)as one of Bob Crachit's daughters.

My father was one to stick with the classics...and I am sure I take after him in that respect, but I also love to give other things a chance.

And I have learned that there are just not enough days in December to fit in all these different A Christmas Carols.

Today, I watched the George C. Scott 1984 version. I think it is my favorite one (at the moment.) Now, that guy was one brilliant actor.

If you're looking for A Christmas Carol it all its purest, most authentic glory...I believe the George C. one is it.

HOWEVER...that doesn't mean that Scrooges which totally march to the tune of their own (little) drummer (boy) aren't just as darn entertaining.

Here's Susan Lucci as Ebbie...

Tori Spelling in A Carol Christmas...(okay, no offense to anybody...but this movie makes Ebbie look like Citizen Kane.)

Vanessa Williams in A Diva's Christmas Carol...

Michael Caine in A Muppet Christmas Carol!!!!

(Kermit's little nephew Robin was absolutely BRILLIANT as Tiny Tim in this one. Seriously just astounding!)

Patrick Stewart as Scrooge...

Mr. Magoo!!!!

The Disney Gang (I had this in picture book form...the book played music when you opened it. It eventually fell apart.)

Merry Christmas to all...and to all a good night...

(I am watching It's a Wonderful Life right now...Harry is about to say, "To my big brother George...the richest man in town..." and Diana is about to break down in tears like she has every single one of the thousands of times she has watched this movie over the years.)

I truly love this time of year...

Diana Rissetto

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