Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Clip of the Day...

One of the multitudes of wonderful things about being in New YorK City is that you NEVER know just what random TV star from old TV shows you'll pass in the street.

Just this past year, I have been stopped by Donny Osmond while dog-walking.

He commented on how beautiful the dog was (who wasn't my personal dog, but my office's I allowed to accept a compliment like that for a dog that isn't mine? Same with people saying my niece is adorable when they see her picture on my desk...I don't feel right saying, "Thank you"), and asked me what breed she was.

(Guess he has Puppy Love. Haha. Sorry.)

I replied, "No idea. She is a mutt."

By the time he walked away, I realized who he was. He and his teenage son darted across the street before the light changed.

And Richard Thomas (who I'll always be fond of, since I enjoyed him on reruns of The Waltons because his character was an aspiring writer!) held a door open for me and said, "Are you coming?"

I then started humming the theme from The Waltons, and he kicked me in the shin and ran away.

(No, he didn't. He's actually very nice.)

I see him all the time, and we're on "Hello" basis now.

(And this is out of place to talk about here, since it was one of my most exciting celebrity sightings of all-time, but last year I saw Jonathan Crombie of the Anne of Green Gables miniseries, in Duane Reade. Now, Gilbert Blythe has been my romantic ideal since I was about seven.)

A couple of days ago, I passed Barry Williams (Greg Brady of Brady Bunch fame!)in the street.

We've had horrible weather this past week, and he was struggling with an umbrella, like we all were.

Yes, even Greg Brady gets disheveled in sleet.

The first thing I thought when I saw Barry Williams in the street, after, "Hey, I think that's Barry Williams with that umbrella over there!" was, "I haven't watched A Very Brady Christmas yet! Thanks for reminding me of that, Barry Williams!"

A Very Brady Christmas is a staple in my must-watch Christmas movies.

The Brady Kids all come home for Christmas...and they all have secrets!

And then Mr. Brady gets called to work and a building collapses on him.

Of course, the proper thing to do when your dad/husband/grandpa/father-in-law is trapped under a building is to start singing "O Come All Ye Faithful."

Diana Rissetto

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