Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Clip of the Day...

There are certain things I can't watch, because they make me think about my father and cry all over the place.

Bert and Ernie singing "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" is one of them.

I was absolutely a Sesame Street child, and I have always said that if I am ever a celebrity, the first guest appearance I will make on anything will be Sesame Street.

(Ben Stiller won me over for life when he was dancing around dressed as a giant chunk of cheese singing "The People in Your Neighborhood.")

The Muppets and the holidays go together quite well.

In Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, Big Bird wonders how Santa Claus can possibly get down that chimney...Cookie Monster tries to tell Santa Claus what to bring him for Christmas...and then there's Bert and Ernie's subplot.

(I still don't understand how old these Muppets are supposed to be. They go to school sometimes, but they also have their own apartment. Of course they can't afford Christmas presents...they don't have jobs and are paying rent. And Bert has a freaking pigeon in the apartment.)

Bert trades in his paperclips to buy Ernie a soapdish for his rubber ducky.

(Did anybody else want to collect paperclips because of Bert? My dad used to bring me home paperclips from work, and I thought they were the greatest thing in the world. He would give me them little AT&T magnetic holder and I would spend hours linking those things together.) Yeah...

Ernie sells his rubber ducky to buy Bert a cigar box for his paperclips.

That whole "Gift of the Magi" storyline never gets old.

By the end of the special, Mr. Hooper saves the day.

Mr. Hooper always saves the day.

Diana Rissetto

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