Saturday, December 13, 2008

Holiday Clip of the Day...

I love my sappy and sentimental holiday commercials.

Hallmark has released many gems over the years.

I remember several years ago, I was watching a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie with my mother. (It was Back When We Were Grown-ups, starring Blythe Danner and based on the novel by Anne Tyler, who is one of my favorite authors.)

Each commercial break brought a couple of more Hallmark advertisements, and by the end of the movie, I was on the couch absolutely weeping.

My mother said, "This movie is not sad!"

Me: It's not the movie! It's all these emotional commercials!

(The holidays are, by default, a very weepy time of year for me.)

Sadly, YouTube does not have many of my favorites uploaded. (What a shame!)

Which means I will have to narrate my favorites.

Couple (actually the couple from Father of the Bride) is going through the wife's old Christmas ornaments. The wife is quizzing the husband.

Husband: This is from your first dance recital...and this is...the one your grandmother gave you when you were seven...and this one...

(Wife gets all choked-up)

Husband: This is the one that always makes you cry. (He reaches out and hugs her.)

Old man is telling his grandchildren about his first Hannukah in America. He came over on the boat alone, and made friends with a little boy and his family. They spent the holiday together.

Grandpa: And then we got to America...and I never heard from him again...

Somebody hands grandpa a card.

Grandpa reads it to himself and gets choked-up.

Child: What does it say, Grandpa?

Grandpa: It says I'm going to have to change the end of that story!

(Seriously, Hallmark...if you released a Best of Hallmark Commercials DVD, there would absolutely be an audience for it! I'd buy one! And so would...lots of other people...I am sure!)

Whatever, this time of year, I tend to cry over air freshener commercials.

There is another holiday commercial that has stood the test of time, and that I have seen on television just about every year of my life. (It was originally aired the year I was born, so that is actually quite true!)

Oh, Peter.

You've come home!

Diana Rissetto

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