Friday, December 12, 2008

Holiday Clip of the Day

93 years ago today, a baby was born in Hoboken, NJ and the doctor mistook him for dead. He put the baby aside and focused on saving the child's mother instead.

However, the boy's grandmother was nearby, grabbed the baby, and ran him under cold water.

The baby let-out a was Frank Sinatra's first song. There would never be anybody like him ever again...(even though the Harry Connicks and Peter Cincottis might make convincing arguments.)

Happy Birthday to the best that there ever was!

Since it is nearly-impossible to pick a favorite Frank Sinatra holiday song (although "Christmas Waltz" has always stuck-out a bit...), here are several. (currently the hold music on my cellphone) (I dare you not to cry at the last lines)

Diana Rissetto

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