Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday Clip of the Day...

Josh Groban is not Jewish.

I thought he was for some reason...(people are constantly mistaking me for being Jewish...I think it's the curly dark hair, which Josh Groban also happens to have...I am always told I look Jewish...I am not sure why...perhaps it's the small crucifix that is usually dangling around my neck that gives that impression?)

In fact, I was planning on starting this Holiday of the Day introduction with, "It's pretty funny that the most beautiful version of 'O Holy Night' (and Christmas songs don't get much holier than 'O Holy Night') ever recorded was done by a Jewish boy!"

Before I wrote that, I figured I'd research whether Josh was indeed Jewish...and he's not...he is actually Episcopalian.

...which means the fact that he has recorded "O Holy Night" isn't weird at all...

So...there goes my funny introduction...

Here's the most perfect human voice I have ever heard singing "Oh Holy Night" at the 2002 tree would be about another five years until Josh released his own Christmas album, which I think is blasphemy. (What kind of a world do we live in when Jessica Simpson gets a holiday album before Josh Groban? Seriously!)

Diana Rissetto

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