Saturday, November 15, 2008

"It really was no miracle...what happened what just this..."

Here I am (defying gravity...sorry, couldn't resist) in 1986.

I really loved The Wizard of Oz.

There was a tornado watch in my area tonight, and The Wizard of Oz was on television. Now, that is some good timing. I was on the phone with my mom (to fill her in about the tornado watch), and told her that I couldn't believe it...I hadn't seen this movie in so long, and yet I still knew practically the entire thing by heart. She said, "Well, you DID used to watch it every day."

I did.

Every so often, I'll go on an Oz kick...I'll reread some of the Oz books and movie trivia, and remember that really great TV movie about L. Frank Baum's life starring John Ritter that has sadly never been released on DVD. (It was so great! I get chills just remembering it.)

I have always regarded L. Frank Baum as one of my literary heroes. Even reading his dedications is entertaining enough...a special, brilliant man who gave the world an incredible gift.

The other day, as my friend Laura and I were having our daily IM ramblings (if one of us ever get a job which does not allow AIM, we're in serious trouble),we started talking about what a "Wizard of Oz-themed wedding" would be like.

(When you are currently going to as many weddings as both Laura and I have been over the past few years, these things come-up in conversation! We have also discussed what might go on at a "Breakfast at Tiffany-themed wedding"...the bride enters to "Moon River", the bridesmaids wear little black dresses, and instead of butterflies or doves or rice...they release cats after the ceremony!!!! The flowers will be "Tiffany blue.")

I figure at a Wizard Of Oz-themed wedding, the bridesmaids would wear multi-colored dresses and enter to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

Like these girls!

The bride would arrive in a horse-drawn carriage, and that horse would be painted many colors. (Obviously!)

Instead of a bouquet, she will carry a basket with a stuffed Cairn terrier in it.

(Or a real one...but since there are already going to be cats there, I don't recommend it.)

At one point, I said, "And you can rent dwarfs to dress-up as munchkins to be greeters at the ceremony!"

And Laura paused. "NO! STOP IT! YOU JUST SAID 'RENT DWARFS'!!!!!!!!"

I had a flashback of working at the bookstore years ago, and this delightfully eccentric girl, Crystal, said to me, "Diana, you're good talking on the phone...can you help me make some phone calls? I need to call all these party places (that rent-out strippers, magicians, etc.") and ask them if they rent-out midgets?"


Crystal: I'm having a Moulin Rouge-themed birthday party...and I want midgets to answer the door dressed in top hats and tuxedos.

Me: I can't call people and ask them that!!!

Crystal: Why not?

Me: Because it just sounds WRONG. Besides, I sound SO YOUNG. Everybody would think I was pranking them.

Well, Crystal, if you're reading this...(and I HIGHLY doubt that you are, since I haven't spoken to you in years)...I apologise.

Who knew that one day, I would be talking about hiring people to dress-up as munchkins.

And look here!!!!

Come on, "So You Wanna Hire a Munchkin."

People clearly have the need to hire munchkins all the time.

I bet LOTS of couples have Wizard of Oz-themed weddings!

(Even though I am trying to find examples online and cannot really find anything.)

I understand that there is a chance that I could end-up marrying a guy who is really into Judy Garland and The Wizard of Oz (I'm just being realistic here) and would be all for having that Wizard of Oz-themed wedding.

(I wonder if a Priest would be able to dress-up like the Wizard for a Wizard of Oz- themed wedding. Is that against any rules??? Does The Wizard of Oz fall under the same list of things that the Church sees as witchcraft as Harry Potter does?)

Diana Rissetto

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Lisa said...

I used to watch Wizard of Oz multiple times a day and say or sing along to every word... I still love to watch it (and I still hate the scary flying monkeys lol)