Monday, November 17, 2008

Growing-up in a traditional Italian-American, Catholic family...

...I grew-up surrounded by relatives named Joey and Vinny...I have gone to many many elaborate First Communions, and I always knew that Saint Anthony was the guy to pray to when something was missing.

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony look around...
Something's lost and must be found...

I still ask Saint Anthony for help when I've misplaced my keys (or, you know, my car.)

Whenever my good friend Laura (who is Jewish!) can't find something, I tell her I'll send-up a prayer to Saint Anthny for her...(since she is Jewish!)

She recently called me, all excited, to tell me she saw a Saint Anthony luggage tag in a gift shop.

"Saint Anthony, even as you watch over the lost and helpless, please look after my suitcase. Protect if from evil and mishandling, that I may see it once again on the baggage carousel. Amen"

I am flying-off to Florida this weekend...

And I will be taking with me, my new pink luggage.

With a Saint Anthony luggage tag on it.

Diana Rissetto

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