Sunday, July 20, 2008

I look for signs MUCH too much...

I really do. I'm at the point where I think I need to stop looking for signs EVERYWHERE...because if you want to see a sign badly enough, you WILL see one, and it, most likely, won't be the RIGHT sign.

It happened a lot while I was job-hunting a few years ago. (I have had, at press time, three frustrating job hunts...once after college, and two more after lay-offs...job-hunting is so much fun.)

One time, I was interviewing with Scholastic (I still would absolutely love to work for Scholastic, but after ninety-five job interviews with them that never resulted in hearing, "You're hired!", I am giving-up on that dream.) Before my interview, I was hanging-out actross the street from the building (it's a wonderful shopping block) and I realized I was standing right in front Devechan, the special salon for curly hair.

I took that as a sign.

I was going to get that job.

(I didn't.)

Another time, during the Great Job Hunt of May 2004-March 2006, I was feeling extremely frustrated and was laying on my floor reading The Diary of Anne Frank. (It was something I would do often when things were bad...things can always be could be Anne Frank.)

I think it was a Saturday afternoon, and suddenly, my phone rings and it was somebody who wanted me to come in to interview with them the next day...(Sunday.)

I took this as a sign...that just as I was laying on my floor and thinking, "It could be worse!", things were about to get better.

And then I learned, the next day, that this job would involve selling $300 tickets to Bombay Dreams to unsuspecting tourists.

No no no no no.

Couldn't do it.

I also interviewed to be the assistant to a lawyer. I do not have much interest in working in a law office, but when I got out of the subway to interview for this job, I found that block had a view of the building in which I spent my childhood in.

I took that as as a sign that I was meant to have this job.

And I was hired on the spot.

But only after this guy said stuff to me like:

"Are you a good liar?"

"This job isn't about managing my office. It's about managing my personal life. I have a very...interesting...personal life. You would need to be discreet."

"I smoke a lot in the office."

I told him I would think about it, and called him the next time and told him that I had asthma and couldn't work with a heavy smoker.

(I have extremely bad allergies, but not I guess I CAN be a good liar...)

The whole "sign" thing happens with romantic relationships as well.

At my post-prom party eight years ago (holy cow...eight years?), a psychic told me I would soon meet my soulmate and he would have light hair and double initials.

Months later, I met a boy with light hair and double initials and CONVINCED myself that he was my soulmate.

(He wasn't...but he was a nice guy.)

I broke my phone last week. (I knocked a bottle of water off my desk at work, and it fell into my open purse, and it was a while before I realized that my phone had gotten soaked.)

There was no hope for the I had to buy a new one.

When I returned from my lunchbreak with a new, shiny purple phone, I soon learned that, while many of my phone numbers have been salvaged, many were lost...and in their place were phone numbers of people I had deleted years ago.

I am not even much of a cellphone kinda person...I would rather have email addresses than cellphone I'm not too heartbroken about losing all those numbers...I am more concerned with all these old numbers which randomly popped back up.

I started to think, "Is this a sign that I am supposed to call all of these old friends that I haven't spoken to in years? Is this the universe's way of making sure that I get back into touch with them?"

I think it just might be...

Diana Rissetto

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