Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Diana, you are much too old to be going gaga over a singer..."

That is exactly what I said to myself on Monday night as I (slightly giddily) skipped down 24th Street after seeing Peter Cincotti perform at The Cutting Room.

Peter was singing (and banging that piano in the most astounding way!)at a benefit for The Andi Foundation.

Now, I was at this benefit for one reason: Peter Cincotti. Europe has had him for the past year and finally gave him back to us here in New York City.

However, things indeed happen for a reason, because now I am familiar with The Andi Foundation and its wonderful mission. ( I will definitely be checking-in and looking for future volunteering opportunities.

Peter took the stage around 9 o'clock.

There is so much to be said about this kid. (And he really IS practically a kid, which makes him all the more impressive.)

The word "SPECTACULAR" is one of the first that comes to mind.

And then the words "out-of-control"!A throwback to a nicer era! Charismatic! Multitudes of class! And, of course, freaking adorable.

The boy sang six songs from his last album East of Angel Town. I listened to (and fell in love with) Peter's first two albums...which were a combination of Peter's original stuff and standards. (He makes "Up on a Roof" sound ridiculously cool.)

When East of Angel Town came out, I was a bit critical...this new sound was new and different. Peter was no longer singing for our grandparents' generation, but our own.

However, after I saw Peter in concert last summer then bought the album (I had to buy the import off of, for some reason...they don't think Americans love Peter Cincotti as much as those Europeans.)

Wonderful wonderful wonderful.

Seriously, find me another guy who can write a song using the words "Juliet/met/Lafayette" all in the first stanza and somehow make it work.

I think he's definitely one of the brightest talents of our generation, and I have absolutely no idea how Michael Buble is selling-out Radio City Music Hall while few people know the extraordinary young Mr. Cincotti.

(Lots of stuff on youtube...

Why isn't this boy huge yet? Please, explain it to me.

I had the chance to talk to Peter for a few minutes after the show, and we can add, "Charming and sweet and friendly" to that whole "words that come to mind" list.


The boy is absolutely fantastic. He has a beautiful voice. He writes his own stuff. He is unbelievable at that piano. (A close second to watching Harry Connick, Jr. live.) And, he has really great teeth.

Check him out.

Diana Rissetto

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