Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Tony nominations came out today!

And I would like to extend my personal congratulations to all of the nominees (because I am sure that it will mean a lot to them. I bet Kelli O'Hara hasn't really been able to enjoy her day until she knew Diana Rissetto was very excited for her...and I AM...every time I see that girl onstage, I cannot believe that I am watching the same girl from the last show I saw her in...how is this the same girl who was being kicked in the head by a Shetland pony just a few years ago? She is awesome!)...especially those from some of my favorite shows of the year...August: Osage County, The Homecoming, In the Heights and South Pacific.

However, there was one name missing from this morning's list which I would have kinda liked to have seen...(okay, that is an understatement. I was sorely, SORELY disappointed that this person was not nominated. I was stuck on the train this morning, and received about eight text messages regarding this performer...and throughout the day, random people kept IMing me with, "How are you doing?" and "Sorry about your boy")

Because anybody who knows me and has spoken to me in the past five years knows who "my boy" is when we are talking theatre...

Cheyenne Jackson...somebody I care about very much as a person, and somebody I absolutely love watching onstage. I first became introduced to Mr. Jackson on one very very hot, humid August afternoon at Broadway in Bryant Park. He was performing the role of Jimmy Smith in Thoroughly Modern Millie...I was the starstruck and wide-eyed intern with the show Chicago. We stood under a tent. We talked. We then went our separate ways...then the entire city went dark with the Blackout of 2003. (That has nothing to do with the story, I just think it's interesting.)

Over the past five years, I have seen Cheyenne be buried alive, ride a motorcycle onstage, perform in two Macy's Thanksgiving Parades, dance around with flowers tucked behind his ears, singing, "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man of Mine" and strip onstage at Lincoln Center...I have held my breath and watched him in United 93 on the big screen...the most difficult movie I have ever sat through. I have watched him on The Today Show, Larry King Live and All My Children! I have been there to see him play Superman, an Altar Boy, a naive pornstar, a thug with snakes tatooed on his neck, and, currently, a clueless but lovable boy with a dream (to open a roller disco!) in Xanadu.

I once heard a woman in an audience comment on Cheyenne..."He is like George Clooney. So handsome...but he doesn't take himself too seriously."

Absolutely right, random woman!

He is a delight to watch! Funny! Charming! A completely natural!

And the boy can SING!

Mr. Jackson's performance in Xanadu is wonderful. I have seen the show eight times. When I saw it the first time, I commented, "I want to see this show every night." (I obviously didn't end-up doing that.)

And although Mr. Jackson won't be able to add "Tony-Nominated Actor" to his list of credits (just now), he will have to make do with...

-having the "best thighs on Broadway"!!! (according to a review of Xanadu from The Associated Press)
-being one of Broadway's favorite do-gooders!!! Over the years, Cheyenne has performed at numerous charity events and is a spokesperson for the ASPCA.
-his movie career taking-off!!!
-starring in Damn Yankees this summer!!!
-having a really great dog!!!

And, above EVERYTHING...

-rating very very well on Diana Rissetto's List of Favorite Guys EVER, landing an even better spot than Jerry Stiller, Tom Brokaw and Harry Connick, Jr.

Twenty-seven Tony awards and 19 Oscars and 12 Grammy Awards would not make Cheyenne Jackson any more of the guy or the performer that he is today!!!

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