Saturday, May 10, 2008

I have very very crooked pinkies.

We all have our abnormalities.

When I went for a facial before my sister's wedding, the woman at the spa massaged my hands while the boisenberries (AWESOME stuff) were drying on my face.

She started tugging at my fingers.

I tensed-up.

She was pulling on my pinky finger.

My pinky fingers cannot be pulled on.

My pinky fingers are extremely crooked.


She asked me, "Is this hurting you?"

I told her, "It's not really hurting me...but please don't do pinkies do not straigthen! They are very crooked! They always HAVE been very crooked! I don't know WHY!"

She said, "Ah, well, we all have our abnoramlities."

Of course we do.

(Aside from my (very very) crooked pinkies, I also have freakishly small ears (people always comment on them whenever I wear headbands or a ponytail...I wonder if God gave me so much hair so that these freakishly small ears would be covered most of the time. One time, a little girl even asked me, "WHY ARE YOUR EARS SO SMALL?" Okay, what would you like me to DO with them? And then there are my toes...oh, those toes. My sister and cousin took to calling me "Fingers for Toes" years ago and it stuck. Yes, my toes look like fingers. And are as freakishly long as my ears are freakishly small. I could climb trees with these things. I wear a size 7 shoe, but I honestly think that if my toes were an average length, I would be down to a size 5. They are LONG...and boney and really pretty hideous. I will never be a Dr. Scholl's model...and that is all right.)

Toes and ears aside, my pinkies are especially abnormal.

I have no idea when they got so crooked.

I used to do gymnastics as a child, and I think I would have remembered them being really crooked when I used to support myself on my hands, but they were never THAT bad. I think they got a little more crooked each year, and now they're just a mess. When I use a computer mouse, I need to tuck my pinky under.

When I drive and hold onto the steering wheel, I need to tuck my pinky under.

When I hold a cup, I need to tuck my pinky under. (People feel the need to comment on this. All the time. I don't know WHY. I don't notice other people's pinkies.)

I can't wear rings on my pinkies. They get stuck...because my pinkies are very very crooked.

People always ask if I had broken my pinkies. (Yes, I broke BOTH of my pinkies.)

No, I never broke my pinkies. (I have actually never broken ANYTHING besides my ribs on one occasion. Considering I am the klutziest person in existance, I think this is very surprising. I probably shouldn't be jynxing myself like that.)

The other day, I googled "crooked pinkies." (And other variations..."my pinkies are very crooked"..."my pinkies won't straighten"...etc. etc. etc.)

And I learned that I am NOT alone.


Apparently, ten percent of the population have crooked pinkies. As I looked through photos of other peoples' crooked pinkies (I think I need a hobby), I couldn't find many crooked pinkies that look like MY crooked pinkies.

Crooked pinkies are said to be genetic. My sister also has SLIGTHTLY crooked pinkies, but nothing like mine. My mother has straight pinkies, as did my father.

I have no idea where I got these incredibly crooked pinkies.

Oddly enough, everyone else in my family has straight hair to go with their straight perhaps it makes sense that the one family member with a head of wacky curls would ALSO have two wacky pinkies.

Seriously...look at them...they are CRAZY.

Diana Rissetto






Corey B said...

If it makes you feel any better my pointer fingers curve in at the top knuckle. It's not noticeable with the others but alone it's really kind of freaky LOL.

DianaGolightly said...

Well, we all have our abnormalities. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Mine look exactly like yours. I was born with them. A few years ago I went to have surgery to get one fixed. And now I can't even bend it. It's really distracting and looks odd in pictures. I know its what makes me unique but I hate it. I want to get surgery again but I don't know if it will help. What would you do? I'm 15