Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Only in New York...

I saw South Pacific on Friday night.

I love South Pacific.

Now, give me any old Rodgers and Hammerstein show and I am a happy girl. (Except for Carousel...because I don't do well with shows about fathers dying.) I am a complete sucker for WWII stories as well, and I think South Pacific truly has some of the most BEAUTIFUL music ever written. It is a very hard show to screw-up for me for that reason...unless you get a gang of people who cannot sing at all, I will always enjoy that show because I will always enjoy that glorious, breathtaking music. I've seen schools perform, community theatre productions...and they are ALWAYS lovely.

Of course it's lovely.

It's South Pacific.

South Pacific has returned to Broadway in its first-ever revival.

And this time?

It's got Matthew Morrison and Kelli O'Hara.

Matthew and Kelli first took the stage together in The Light in the Piazza three years ago. (A show about a girl who had been kicked in the head by a Shetland pony as a child...and ends up with the mentality of a 10-year-old for the rest of her life because of it...and then she meets a handsome shopkeeper's son in Florence...and they fall in love and get married. Even though they barely know each other. Or speak the same language. And all his parents care about is the fact that he is 20 and she is 26. They don't care that the couple barely knows each other OR about the language barrier...just the age difference. It is the most ridiculous plotline ever.)

But, oh! The music.

And, oh! Matthew Morrison and Kelli O'Hara.

They're currently playing Cable and Nellie in South Pacific. They aren't an item, but they do have a bit of stage time together and are both perfectly wonderful. I am pretty sure they are two of the lovliest, most talented young performers taking the stage right now.

After I left Lincoln Center on Friday night, I hopped a cab (since I was alone and the show was really long and I needed to catch an 11:30 train...and it ended-up not even mattering, since the 11:30 train was cancelled, so I couldn't get one until 12:40. Lovely!)

As we drove downtown, who do I see around 55th Street whizzing by on a scooter but Lt. Joe Cable himself...Matthew Morrison.

I rolled-down the window, called out, "HEY, MATTHEW MORRISON!"

Matthew Morrison heard me.

Me: You are amazing! I love you! I just saw your show!

He nodded and waved and smiled.

I don't think he heard what I said.

He probably just thought, "Okay...crazy drunk girl in cab trying to pick me up." (and could 'ya BLAME me?)

But I wasn't...even though the thought did cross my mind to point out that, between the two of us, our children would have some GORGEOUS curly hair.

Diana Rissetto

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