Tuesday, January 1, 2008

"It's gonna be a Happy New Year..."

It has been my observation that I have better years when they end in an even number.

The odd-numbered ones haven't been so wonderful.

My theory is illustrated beginning in 1999. Now, as some of you might now, that is the year that my dad died, and remains the worst thing I have ever gone through. A few months after my dad died, John F. Kennedy, Jr. and his wife and sister-in-law were all killed, and as I watched the coverage and kept seeing their young, lovely faces, and I kept thinking, "Okay, 1999 has just been awful. End already! Bring on the new millenium NOW!" (Of course, I did not know John, Carolyn or Lauren...but I am one of those really obnoxious "I Love Jackie O." kinda girls.)

2000 was actually quite good. Senior year of high school was a fun one...and on graduation day, I was pretty sad because just when I was feeling happier about things, they had to end.

2001 will forever be remembered for one thing only, and I will never be able to hear "2001" without placing "September 11" before that.

Hmmm...now I need to work backwards...

2007...rough rough rough year. I was laid-off from a job that meant a great deal to me in March. (One week before my birthday! Happy Birthday, Di!) That set me down another stressful jobhunt, which brought me a lot of (very familiar) feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.

2006...I got that job that had meant so much to me in March of 2006. This absolutely made everything better. I even went to the Tony Awards with this job!

2005-Total year of an absolute nightmare jobhunt.

2004-A very good year! I graduated college! I was so enthusiastic and ready for whatever was next!

Honestly? Don't really remember what happened in 2003. It couldn't have been THAT bad, because that was the year I had my first New York City theatre internship...

However, I think I am sensing a pattern, so all I can say is...

BRING ON 2008!!!!!!!!!!!

Some resolutions:

-To be happy. My sister's father-in-law, a Vietnam vet, recently said, "As long as nobody is shooting at you, then you're doing okay." I think that's an absolutely brilliant way of looking at things. NOTHING can ever be THAT bad.

-To stop picking my nail polish off or to simply, not WEAR any nail polish. There is something oddly oddly satisfying about being able to peel your nail polish off in one swift move. I need to stop that. It looks messy. It leaves shavings of nail polish all over the place. It might even be a fire hazard somewhere. (Maybe?) No more picking nail polish!

-On a similar note, I did very well with last year's resolution of not buying makeup just because I like the name of the shade.

-Read more! And read quality books! I feel like I used to read a book a day. When did that change? I shall look at my commute as extremely valuable reading time! Today I bought Atonement (I saw the movie tonight...wish I had read the book first) and The Hidden Life of Otto Frank, which I never read cover-to-cover, just snippets in the breakroom when I worked at the bookstore.

-Even more importantly...WRITE MORE! And DO more with that writing once it is done! In April, a show I cowrote will be produced. This is a huge huge huge (when did I become Eloise?) first step and I plan on looking at it as just the beginning.

-I'm going to eat better. I have a crazy schedule. And when things get crazy, I get thin. Not because I'm not EATING...but because I run around like a lunatic and eat really weird stuff. Like, I'll have eight cups of strawberry green tea (so good! so so so so good! For all those who don't like green tea, this is SO not your typical green tea) and then a frozen organic macaroni and soy cheese for dinner at 9:30 PM. Not good. Three solid meals, Diana! Three solid meals!!!!

Happy, happy New Year.

Diana Rissetto

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