Sunday, January 20, 2008

I needed a lazy day...

...and I spent that lazy day watching my favorite thing EVER from my childhood...

Faerie Tale Theatre.

I grew-up with this show.

I spent hours and hours watching them over and over. To this day, my sister and I can still quote most of them (looking at each other and saying, "Some...HAM?" and there are so many big-time stars that will forever be, first and foremost, Faerie Tale Theatre stars in my heart. (Ben Vereen! Susan Sarandon! Bernadette Peters! Matthew Broderick! Billy Crystal! And, of course, one of my favorite girls ever...Melissa Gilbert!)

In October 2004, an actor friend of mine (now a very very huge Broadway star with his picture all over the place and his own caricature in Sardis) performed at a benefit in Lincoln Center.

Some of the biggest names in theatre performed songs they made hits...Carol Lawrence of West Side Story did a medley...(nothing cuter than a 70-something year old woman skipping around singing "I Feel Pretty")...Jerry Orbach sang "Try To Remember" (which will FOREVER remain one of my most treasured theatre memories...since The Fantasticks is one of my all-time favorite shows, and because Jerry Orbach would be gone only two months later. I will absolutely never forget that...) Chita Rivera sang "America"...George Raitt sang "Hey There" was truly a remarkable night.

(Plus, Lincoln Center is simply just the most magical theatre in the world. South Pacific will be there in a few short months and I absolutely cannot wait for Matthew Morrison and Kelli O'Hara to take on that show. Cannot WAIT.)

So, we were at this completely wonderful show at Lincoln Center, and my friend came out with a bunch of other guys and did a number from The Full Monty. They came out in cop uniforms and stripped down to nothing and exited the stage. My friends were practically hanging-off the mezzanine and drooling...while I was pretty much hiding under my seat. It was like watching my older brother strip...I just couldn't do it.

After the show, my friends and I were talking to our actor friend, who told us, "Guess who is here! LAINIE KAZAN!"

One of my friends asked, "Who is that?"

I immediately responded with, "She was the Blue Fairy in Faerie Tale Theatre's version of Pinnochio!"

Our actor friend paused for a moment, and then, with an Italian accent, said, "A!"

Without missing a beat, we started quoting various Faerie Tale Theatre episodes left-and-right. Our other friends had absolutely no idea what was going on (they had never even HEARD of Faerie Tale Theatre!) as we imitated Rumplestiltskin's funky little walk (and mimicked, "Your firsborn child!") and my friend strummed an invisible ukelele, singing Snow White's Prince's song, "I sing in the valley...I sing in the woods...I sing for my true love all daaaaaaaaaay."

Faerie Tale Theatre
is just one of those things.

I find that people either have never even heard of it, or were completely enamored with it as children and, like myself, still know them by heart.

That winter, a miracle occured...Faerie Tale Theatre was released on DVD. $6.99 each for priceless childhood memories!!!!

My friend was also cast in his first original Broadway role, so I took the Snow White DVD and stuck it in a bouquet of flowers, writing "Love, ?" on the card...who ELSE would leave him flowers with a Faerie Tale Theatre DVD in it, after all? and left them backstage for him. (My friend and I laughed at the thought of him coming out after the show and going, "Diana! You'll never guess! I think SHELLY DUVALL was in the audience tonight and she left me flowers with a Faerie Tale Theatre DVD in them!")

I absolutely love Faerie Tale Theatre.

They premiered the year I was born, and all these years later, I find them every bit as delightful and funny and clever as I did as a child. (And, honestly, they snuck in MULTITUDES of adult jokes in those shows! So much goes over your heard when you are four-years-old...)

I love Faerie Tale Theatre.

I loved Faerie Tale Theatre when I was a child, and I continue to love it as an adult.

Shelly Duvall, thanks for the magic!

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