Sunday, December 23, 2007

Those were the days...

Every so often, I feel really old.

Not too long ago, I was with my kids at church ("my kids"=the youth group I volunteer with...I don't have any kids!). We were just hanging-out and flipped on the TV and Titanic was on and I heard a chorus of:

"I've HEARD of this movie before!"
"Oh, my mother loves this movie!"
"Is this the one about the boat?"

I remember when that movie first came out. I saw it the day after Christmas, 1997. I wept buckets and practically needed a towel after it. Leonardo DiCaprio was an absolute dreamboat, and I thought Kate Winslet was the coolest girl in the world. (I still do! That girl is awesome!)

And these kids were in diapers when this movie came out.

Wow, I am getting old.

There was also the time when my cousin's little boy was showing me his "Webkinz." I went, "Oh, it's like a Beanie Baby!" The little six-year-old earnestly looked-up at me and said, "What's a Beanie Baby?"

"What's a Beanie Baby?"

Children today have never heard of Beanie Babies!

It's a new day.

I can clearly remember using payphones. In fact, it wasn't that long ago.

I remember in my old Baby-Sitters Club books (and, yes, if I ever open a random closet and one of those books happens to fall-out, I will chill-out and reread it) it was a big deal to have a VCR and your own phone line.

I remember writing letters, addressing them, putting stamps on them and waiting for people to write me back.

When I moved in the third grade, I kept in touch with a lot of my friends that way. Can you believe it?! SNAIL mail, I believe it is called now. Pretty stationary! Pretty handwriting! It was so much fun...I miss writing letters!

And then there are all of these "social networking" websites. Facebook...MySpace. I use these sites, and because of them, I was able to reconnect with my sixth grade pen-pal. (One of the many people I would write actual letters to back in the day.) They're a great tool for finding old friends...but they also can bring on quite a bit of trouble!

I think a lot of "these kids today" rely too heavily on them. I was poking around online before for some stories about Facebook and MySpace gone wrong, and found a few things that made me shake my head. (And make a "tsk tsk" noise.)

Such as this kid:

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

The kid has an Oxford would think he'd use his brain a tad more. When I worked my old retail job, I watched many people get fired for handing out their employee discounts to their friends. (When I started there, they said you could only give your discount to family members...then I think too many of us were showing up with cousins of different races and they did away with that one...and then only our "offspring" were allowed to use our discounts. Now, I think this was pretty unfair for those of us who didn't have offspring!) You got a warning, and then if you did it again, you got fired. I was always quite amazed at the people who went against the rules after they were warned. (We can also talk about the kid who stole CDs from our store, got questioned about them, then went to another store on his lunchbreak, STOLE other copies of the CDs he already stole from us, and was caught by the security at that store. Long story for another day, another entry.)

His company was nice enough to warn him, and what does he do? Mock them and defy them once again. Wow.

Okay, and then there is this boy...

I actually feel a bit sorry for him. He was an intern, young and naive, and was caught telling a lie. I'm sure people call-out sick all the time when they are not. (Ah, I saw that in previous jobs...people would call and say that they had "really bad strep throat"...which was miraculously gone the next day...or say they had a bad root canal, but would be scarfing down Big Mac's less than twenty-four hours later.) I hope this won't hurt him in the long run, and I'm sure he's learned a lesson.

I used to write in diaries...pretty little notebooks with flowers or puppies on the cover. I kept this practice from the 4th grade until my freshman year of college. I still have my journals and wouldn't part with them for anything.

But kids today don't write in diaries anymore.

They write in online blogs. They get upset over being removed from somebody's "top eight" or whatever it is.

(There are TONS of online communities on Facebook and LiveJournal dedicated to Anne Frank. I betcha Anne would have thought that was pretty cool!)

Still, I wish I was around in pioneer days. Laura and Almanzo never had to worry about "wallposts."

The times they are a changin'.

Broadway dog

An interview with one of my very favorite guys, Cheyenne Jackson, and his lovely dog Zora!

I am pretty sure my dog, the late, great LuLu, was smaller than Zora's head!

Diana Rissetto